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Tactical Belts: What's the Point of a Tactical Belt?


Tactical belts are essential equipment for those who work in fields that demand them like law enforcement and military personnel. 

In this post, we'll look at the purpose of tactical belts, why they're necessary, and what to look for when buying one.


What Is a Tactical Belt?


Tactical Belt



A tactical belt (also known as a police duty belt, gun belt, "duty rig," and/or kit belt) is a belt made of nylon or leather that is used by police, jail, and security officers to carry equipment in a series of pouches on the belt that are quickly accessible while leaving the hands free to interact. From handcuffs to firearms, this belt may carry a variety of handy objects.

Historically, tactical belts were similar to Roman sword belts. This utility belt is frequently worn over the uniform by the military and law enforcement. This sort of belt can be worn as a regular belt or as a fashion accessory by people.


The Benefits of Wearing a Tactical Belt


Man wearing a tactical belt

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What's the point of a tactical belt? It's not difficult to see why a tactical belt is important. We'll go over some of the reasons why tactical belts are used.


1) Convenience


Tactical belts are highly convenient. Tactical belts make it easy to carry concealed carry accessories.

When selecting a concealed carry tactical belt, two elements should be considered: the belt's profile and the gun's weight.


2) Prevents Guns From Sagging


Sometimes the weight of the gun causes your jeans to sag.  In a circumstance where secrecy is required, this can make maintaining the element of surprise difficult. Tactical belts ensure that the weight is correctly held together. 


3) Ensures Safety


Consider your tactical belt to be the foundation for all of your everyday carry (EDC) gear. You may already be aware that carrying a handgun without a holster is dangerous, but wearing a standard holster without a gun belt is practically impossible.

Tactical belts keep all of your basics (magazine carriers, knife sheaths, keyrings, your phone, and other necessities) within easy reach.


 Benefits of Wearing a Tactical Belt


Types of Tactical Gun Belts


1) Tactical Magnetic Latching or Velcro Liner Belt


Tactical Magnetic Latching or Velcro Liner Belt

Credit: Samtree


Magnetic latching belts are a relatively new addition to the field of tactical belts. These belts aren't made for rappelling or securing yourself to a fixed anchor point. When it comes to holding gear in place, the magnets' strength will be critical. The fundamental question is whether you can trust the magnets or velcro to hold up in a tactical situation or whether a magnetic latching belt will leave your pants tangled around your ankles.


2) Web Belts or Military Belts


Web Belts or Military Belts

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These belts are made out of webbing with a buckle that is usually tensioned by friction. A web belt is different from a typical belt by the absence of holes in the cord, as opposed to pins. The wearer can adjust the belt to the exact size required. Web belts are most commonly seen in casual settings and can be worn in belt loops. They're not designed for rappelling, anchoring, or carrying a lot of gear.


3) Duty Belts


Duty Belts
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These belts don't hold your pants in place. They are ideal for carrying equipment around the waist and on the outside of garments.

Because this belt is so large, it's not suitable for training or outdoor use. Uniformed officers or armed civilians are the greatest candidates for this look.


4) Rigger's Belt

Riggers Belt

Credit: Condor Outdoor Products


The rigger's belt is more durable than a regular belt, but not as much as a duty belt. 

You'll get the best of both worlds with this belt since it lies somewhere between a duty belt and a regular belt. This belt can be used for competition, range, or training; it also incorporates magazine holders and other useful features. You can use it as an EDC belt if you're not wearing dress pants.


5) EDC Belt


Man wearing tactical EDC belt

Credit: Bigfoot Gun Belts


The tactical EDC belt has a lower profile and is excellent for individuals who like a more minimalistic look. This style is considerably more powerful than it appears. It's perfect for carrying holsters, weapons, and other items you need on a daily basis. 

The type of belt you choose is determined by the weight of the load you intend to carry. 


Things to Think About When Buying a Tactical Belt


Belt Buckle on ground

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1) Belt Buckle


The buckle on your tactical belt serves more than just to fasten it and keep your equipment together. It should also allow you to fine-tune it as much as possible for the greatest fit. It won't be comfy to wear if you can't adjust your belt till it's just perfect.

Any tactical belt that has traditional belt holes and a frame buckle should be avoided. They simply lack the adjustability necessary to get a great fit. Choose a belt with a high-quality micro-adjustable buckle instead.


2) Strength and Durability


The presence of twin layers of webbing is one sign of a tough tactical belt. Webbing should be sewn together rather than glued together. For added toughness, make sure it's reinforced with a hook, loop liner, or any other form of reinforcing material. If you choose a quick-release buckle, check sure the hardware is authentic. 


3) Rigidity of the Belt


Rigidity is an important feature of a high-quality tactical belt, just as it is with conventional leather gun belts. Your belt's rigidity is what gives it the strength to hold all of your gear without twisting or tearing. 

Make sure your belt has exactly the proper degree of stiffness to comfortably handle the equipment you'll be carrying.

A duty-style tactical belt (e.g., open carry) provides the stiffness and strength needed to carry a full-size pistol, holster, extra magazines, and other gear. They're ideal for gun owners who prefer to carry handguns that are on the larger end of the scale.


4) Price


It's tempting to buy a cheap tactical belt, but most of them are of poor quality.

Cheaply produced China belts, for example, may be stronger than ordinary department store belts, but they are unreliable for carrying heavy equipment.

Look for gun belts that are known for their outstanding strength to assure quality. Gun belts are normally made of sturdier, higher-quality materials that allow them to keep their shape for a long period.




We hope that this article has provided you with all of the knowledge you need to buy a tactical belt. When it comes to choosing a tactical belt, it all boils down to how you want to use it. While there are numerous options, the ideal tactical belt blends comfort, functionality, and style. Tactical belts are simple yet useful accessories especially if you're in law enforcement.

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