Why EasyShot

Founded in 2015, EasyShot Targets is recognized as a leader in the shooting targets industry, and is committed to providing our customers the highest quality targets at extremely competitive prices.

As an award-winning customer-centric brand, we are continuously expanding our product offerings with input from tens of thousands of satisfied customers.

People often ask?  “What makes EasyShot Targets different than other brands?”  

While other shooting targets are too thin and flimsy, too hard to see, too expensive or simply get destroyed after only a few shots, EasyShot Targets are printed on HEAVY-DUTY PAPER using HIGH-CONTRASTING COLORS making it easy for you to pick out your mark and SEE WHERE YOU HIT. 

We made it our mission to create a line of durable targets with high contrasting colors for MAXIMUM downrange visibility.

The EasyShot brand stands for quality, integrity and a first-class customer experience.

Our customers are as diverse as our product offerings. EasyShot Targets serves individual shooters as well as Local Law Enforcement Officers. No matter your level of expertise, our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you with your targets purchase.

We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of customer service and being your favorite place to buy shooting targets online.