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Best Shooting Targets of 2021


With more people resorting to guns for self-defense, it's more important than ever to obtain the training we need to be proficient with our weapons. The value of practice cannot be emphasized, not only for shooting accurately but also for comfort and understanding of the weapon. If you're going to set out some trigger time, think about what you'll hurl shots toward. Here's all you'll ever need to know about shooting targets, plus a little more. One thing to keep in mind with shooting targets is that it’s always better to buy a few more than a few less.

Because some materials won't resist it, be sure you choose the correct shooting target for your sort of handgun.

If you're going to use a shotgun or rifle, seek a steel plate composed of AR500 steel, which can withstand a significant number of shotshells without breaking or shattering.


Different Types of Shooting Targets

They say that practice makes perfect, and practice is the only way to increase accuracy when it comes to shooting.

Accuracy is crucial no matter what your shooting goal is. Shooters employ targets to develop their gun-handling skills as well as their accuracy. To that end, shooters commonly use three different sorts of targets. Steel, Tannerite, and plinking targets are the three types of targets. Here's a breakdown of each target and why you'd use it.


Steel Targets

steel targetsCredit: Police and Security News


Steel shooting targets are available in 1/2 inch and 3/8 inch thicknesses. A lot of folks like to use armor-grade steel. Any steel with a Brinell hardness of more than 500 will suffice, according to the fast-and-hard rule. Of course, this is subjective, but implementing it increases the lifetime of your goals.

Steel shooting targets have the advantage of lasting longer and requiring fewer houses to set up because they can be reused. They're also simple to maintain and, when necessary, only require repainting. The advantage of utilizing steel targets is that if you strike one, you can hear the "plink." This provides rapid confirmation to the shooter during target practice.

The disadvantage of steel targets is that they are prone to ricocheting, and ricocheting bullets can cause injury. Steel targets are typically light and portable, allowing for more detailed target practice in a compact space. Steel targets are simple to build as a DIY project with the correct tools.

Tannerite Targets


tannerite targets
Credit: Mcumpston


Targets made of tannerite are exploding. Aluminum powder and ammonium nitrate are used to make them. In order to combine at home, use a 5:95 ratio. Ammonium nitrate: Aluminum powder.

While this may appear to be a horrible idea, the combination will only explode if it is struck by a bullet. The greater danger is that the target will start a fire. This is frequently caused by incorrectly combining the materials or exposing them to flames.

Tannerite targets are useful for long-range shooting where the plink may not be heard. The explosion will undoubtedly be seen. The disadvantage is that they are a one-time-use product that makes a mess. While current regulations permit the use and selling of Tannerite targets in all 50 states, it is best to check with your local authorities to see if those rules have changed.

Plinking Targets


plinking targets

Credit: Colorado School of Trades


These targets are a cost-effective way to improve your shooting skills and accuracy. Larger targets can be easily made with cardboard cutouts, while more complex targets can be made with Q-tips. Many plinking targets may be swung from a rope to offer a moving target if you want to add technical obstacles. Plinking targets have the advantage of being scalable for different skill levels. These targets are the best for precision shooting and to improve your aim for shooting games.

Depending on the material used to make the target, it may be one-time use or last for years. The amount of stuff you can use is practically endless. Another advantage of plinking targets is that they make target practice more enjoyable.

It's easier to persuade a beginner shooter to practice target shooting if the goal is to crush a watermelon or to test them at 50 yards by removing a grape from a toothpick.

Every target has advantages and disadvantages. The goal is to figure out when to utilize each sort of handmade target to get the most bang for your buck.

Gun safety should always be your first priority as a shooter, followed by improving your shooting skill and accuracy. Each collection of target kinds also comes with a variety of prices. These three options allow you to choose a price that is within your budget.

Caldwell Natural Series


caldwell natural targets


The cardboard shooting target is a life-sized portrait of a broadside whitetail buck with the major organs and skeletal structure outlined, which is a very ingenious technique. This provides excellent feedback, indicating if a shooter – particularly the young or inexperienced – has made a lethal shot. Caldwell, on the other hand, has taken the Nature Series a step farther in terms of layout. At a distance, the organs are not apparent. If you want to deliver results and improve your shots, this is the target to go for.

As a result, the hunter must rely on the deer's surface topography to determine their shot - just as they must in the field. This is an excellent teaching aid. This is great for accuracy shooting practice.


Juvale Shooting Range Paper Silhouette Targets for Firearms


Juvale Target 

The best targets improve your accuracy, which is why paper silhouette targets are so popular among shooters.

These 50 sheets of target practice paper have a high visibility pattern so you can notice every tiny mistake you make while practicing.

This 17" x 25" 200-gram range target is designed to be used with firearms and features high visibility black printed lines on a white backdrop. It is best for shot placement. This target can be easily set.

The target's paper nature makes it simple to pack and hang. It includes 50 sheets of paper that can be reused several times. With this target, you can easily see every error you make due to the black contrast. The targets are suited for all types of shooters, whether they are novices or advanced shooters. These shooting targets paper feature both the chest and head areas to shoot at.

Rite In The Rain 25-Meter Zeroing Target


waterproof target       

Those who have served in the military will recognize the next shooting target. You've probably narrowed it down to one. If you have a carbine or handgun that has to be dialed in, the familiarity of the layout makes this a great alternative for regular targets. There will be no more damp corners in the middle of a string or paper unraveling in a flood. It is definitely worth your money.

EasyShot Premium Shooting Targets


easyshot shooting target


If you are trying to improve your shooting skills, these targets will help you do just that. When using this target while practicing, it is easy to see exactly what mistakes you are making while shooting, making it much easier to fix them. This pack of 40 silhouette shooting range target sheets features a human silhouette body and 2 zone targets areas, one on the head, and one on the chest ideal for a wide range of firearms and guns

When used with dry-fire practice, EasyShot targets help you develop and improve your shooting skills. Because of the vivid hues, it's quite easy to identify where you've made mistakes while shooting.

This target is simple to hang up whether you're practicing inside or outside, making it easier to shoot with friends. It's an excellent offering for both beginners and pros looking to better their talents. This target is suitable for all firearms, including rifles, pistols, and shotguns. This target will definitely improve your aim.

Birchwood Casey Dirty Bird Silhouette


birchwood casey


Dirty Bird Silhouettes, which bring Birchwood Casey's high-visibility technology to self-defense training, are a godsend while working with your carry gun. Why would you need a splatter target if you're shooting between 7 and 20 yards, you might wonder. The Dirty Bird Silhouette is especially useful during rapid-fire phases because it gives you fast feedback on where you're hitting.  The silhouette is fantastic for close- to medium-range carbine training.

IPSC Shooting Targets (Paper Targets)

IPSC Target


USPA/IPSC silhouettes, especially the paper variety, are as plain as generic-label beer.

For starters, they're about as cheap as they get. A box of defensive ammo costs a little more than a stack of 100. The scoring boxes are then used to create solid geography for self-defense training.

They're certainly not excessively realistic by any stretch of the imagination, but they give you a good idea of where your rounds should go. They're also adaptable. They genuinely do double duty if you happen to compete. In summary, if you don't have a handful of these, your range set isn't complete. A range of different weapons can be used with these paper targets.


Highwild Steel Target Stand AR500 Shooting Target System


AR500 Target System


If you're looking for the best shooting targets, go no further because this is one of the best options available. Shooters, hunters, and even archers enjoy using this target. The timber brackets are made to hold standard-size timber posts securely without the need to drill holes.

It includes 10-inch steel targets and high-strength locking pins to make setting up your target a breeze. Because the material is weather-resistant, this specific target can be used both indoors and outdoors. It's ideal for both novices and experienced shooters looking to enhance their skills. This target is definitely worth your money.

XSteel Jumping Jax


xSteel Jumping Jack


Ground targets are sometimes thought of as something solely pistol shooters would use. They certainly aren't, as XSteel demonstrates.

The jack-style target is made of 3/8-inch thick AR500 steel and can sustain hits up to.308 Win. When you contact, the shooting target lives true to its name, leaping into the air to let you know you've made it.

The problem is that you have to hit it first. It's more difficult than it appears. The paddles on the 12-inch tall shooting target are an annoying 3-inches in diameter, so there must be a few masochists working at XSteel. It becomes a struggle as you get above 100 yards. That, as we all know, simply adds to the enjoyment.

Do-All Outdoors Big Gong Show 9" Self-Healing Shooting Target Rated for .22-.50 Caliber


Big Gong Target


The Big Gong Show 9" Self-Healing Shooting Target from Do-All Outdoors are reactive targets built of a sturdy 18 gauge, completely welded structure. The target, with its circular pattern, provides shooters with a creative challenge as well as a lot of fun while shooting at it.

The target system is self-healing, so if a bullet ricochets and hits something close, it won't damage the target or leave permanent markings. Furthermore, the 10, 15, and higher targets are completely weatherproof, allowing you to put them outside without fear of harm. It is ideal for serious shooters.


Different Shooting Targets



Shooting targets are an excellent way to improve your aim and accuracy without causing damage to the material.

The target options in this guide will help you figure out what to look for when searching for shooting targets that will meet your needs and fit your budget. Get ready to show off your gun skills for upcoming competitions!


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