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10 Best Paper Shooting Targets


For all my fellow gun enthusiasts who love to hit the range, here are the ten best paper shooting targets on the market today. We have also attached the links to these two target companies at the end of this article. Enjoy!


 1. Neon Green - Silhouette Targets

Starting with these targets we have some simple silhouette targets that would be great for police or military training. With the neon green color you can easily tell where your shot hit the target for almost instantaneous feedback. These targets can also serve to be a great warmup before you move onto hostage targets, which we have later on.


 2. 13” Bullseye Targets

You can never go wrong with a classic bullseye target which is exactly what we have here. These targets come in two different colors, either red or fluorescent yellow so those added options can be helpful as well. If you are a beginner just looking to get oriented then this is the target for you.


 3. Hostage Targets

This target is third on our list, because it is designed for the more experienced shooters. With a smaller market it is difficult to give this target a fair rating at the top. Either way the targets themselves are pretty neat and at the top of its class. What also makes these targets unique is that there are four different hostage images that all come together in one combo package. This will allow you to practice different scenarios that you’ll never get tired of!


4. Maximum Visibility Bullseye Sight In Targets

As the name suggests, these targets go back to the original bullseye design, but are optimized for you to see from long distances as best as possible. This maximum visibility should increase your odds of hitting the target, but at times it can make for a difficult time to actually see where you hit the target. For this reason we have the maximum visibility bullseye targets in the number four spot of our list.


 5. Ultra Bright Animal Shooting Target

Here we have one of the more unique options with an animal target for our outdoorsmen. For those who love hunting or maybe just want a little extra spice when they are at the range, then these targets are for you. This target is one of my personal favorites on the list, but since it is a very specialized form of training we decided to make it number five on the list.


 6. Ultra Bright Shooting Target

We are back to the basics here with another shooting target similar to the first bullseye targets. Although with this one as the name suggests, the target is Ultra Bright so at least you’ll have that going for you. This ultra brightness will help you track your shots better than ever before which can really help you. Now you may ask why this target is in the sixth spot on our list even though it seems to be a slightly better version of the second option. Well this is for two reasons. The first being that these targets cost a higher price per target than the original option. The second is that these targets simply don’t provide anything more special than the fact that they are bright, and how much extra money do you want to spend for that? Unless you are practicing for a tournament or competition, then this ultra bright shooting target will not be necessary.


 7. Ultra Bright Bullseye

Again we have a very similar version to that above with not much to add to the conversation. So if you are looking for yet another paper target to add to your collection, or if you need to buy them in bulk then this is the target for you. If you’re tired of the normal targets by now then just keep moving forward here.


 8. Scope Alignment/Sight-In

Back to targets that will really make a difference we have the scope alignment targets that will help you dial in your rifles from time to time. That’s exactly how often these targets will be used for however, only from time to time really. Now you could align your scope before everyday you have on the range, but some people may want to do that with the standard bullseye targets anyways. These can be helpful, but they are really kind of extra at the end of the day so whether you want them is up to you.


 9. Trouble Shooter Handgun Diagnostic

Similar to the scope alignment option above we have the handgun diagnostic target here which completes a similar task. Keep in mind that this specializes just in handguns of course, which already limits your options for this target from the start. Although it could be really useful for those in the military or police force that need to practice their handgun shots or at least make sure their weapons are accurate. Again, this is another specialized target which is why it is towards the bottom of our list.


 10. 3D Hostage Target

Last but not least we have the 3D hostage target which we feel was a good idea in theory but maybe not as good in practice. Just like watching a 3D movie this target requires that you wear 3D glasses, which can be cumbersome when shooting. It can also be a struggle since ideally you will be wearing safety glasses as well. Until they can make these a mixture of 3D glasses and safety glasses, you might as well just stick to the standard hostage targets instead. The 2D hostage targets are cheaper too, so keep that in mind as well.


With so many paper shooting targets to choose from on the market today, we hope that this list helps you narrow down your search. The two websites that we were picking the targets from include easyshottargets.com and thompsontarget.com. We highly recommend the Easy Shot Targets website above all other paper shooting targets on the market today. Again we hope you found this article helpful and go shoot up some targets today!


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