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As you become more acquainted with the shooting range experience, you will notice that regular customers and gun enthusiasts have their own shooting gear. Here are some examples of shooting range equipment:


1) Ear Plugs

 man with earplugs and goggles shooting in range

Credit: Tactical Ear Safety


While Hollywood may have contributed to some misconceptions, anyone who has held and fired a firearm can attest to the fact that guns are loud. Permanent hearing damage is very likely if you do not wear proper ear protection. To avoid this, you should invest in the best earplugs for shooting protection. 

Sounds below 70 decibels(dB) are considered to be safe for hearing. Anything above 85 dB is likely to cause some damage to your inner ear's sensitive hair cells. 

Concerning firearm noise, it can reach 140 dB 175 dB. Of course, this will vary depending on the caliber of the gun and the shooting environment, but one thing is certain: without protection, this level of noise will be unbearable.


2) Range Bags

 bag with shooting supplies for shooting range

Credit: Task & Purpose


A shooting range bag is what you use to transport all of your shooting equipment to the range. A shooting range bag is a must-have if you intend to bring your own firearms and equipment because it is intended to carry these items securely. Make a range day checklist to ensure that you don't forget to pack any of your essential items in your range bag. 


The best range bag will include the following features:

  • Firearms
  • Ammunition
  • Hearing protection 
  • Eye protection 
  • Targets. If your shooting range does not provide targets, check out EasyShot's shooting targets for the ultimate shooting experience.


items to include in your shooting range bag


    3) Spotting Scope

     spotting scope for outdoor range

    Credit: huntingfishinghub


    Choosing a spotting scope may appear to be a simple task, but there is a wide range of models and features to consider. Choosing the one that is ideal for you can be difficult. The optical quality of cheap scopes deteriorates as you zoom in, so don't buy "a low price," buy quality instead. 


    4) Shooting Safety Glasses

     man wearing safety glasses while shooting

    Credit: Safety Glasses USA


    Shooting glasses shield the eyes from various types of dangers. When hunting or practicing in heavily wooded areas, shooting safety glasses protects you from falling debris, leaves, and twigs. 


    Here are some more reasons why shooting safety glasses are important:

    • When target shooting, the right pair of shooting glasses provides excellent contrast.
    • When shooting at local ranges, these glasses can help shooters improve their accuracy.
    • These glasses can even be worn on top of contacts or reading glasses (if desired). This is determined by your current level of visual health, as well as your overall comfort and performance.
    • Most hunters prefer to wear only shooting glasses because they provide better vision and protection.

      5) First Aid Kit

       first aid kit with supplies

      Credit: eMedicineHealth


      Always carry a small first aid kit with you so that you are prepared if an accident occurs. Depending on where you live, you may require additional first aid supplies. First aid can help individuals treat minor injuries or buy you time while you wait for professional medical help in an emergency.


      6) Targets

       EasyShot Targets blue and red silhouette target

      Credit: EasyShot Targets


      Shooting range targets can vary depending on the type of range you visit.  Clay targets, zombie targets, metal spinners, animal targets, steel targets, and other types of shooting targets may be found at an outdoor shooting range. A silhouette target will most likely be available at most indoor shooting ranges. Bullseye shooting range targets are also available at an indoor shooting range. Bringing your own targets to the range can save you money while also increasing the variety of silhouettes in your targets.


      7) Pen and Notebook

       pen and notebook

      Credit: Unsplash


      Carrying a notebook and pen with you can help you keep track of your shooting experiences and how you can improve. This is especially important if you haven't been to the range in a while and have forgotten how far you've come.


      8) Tactical Flashlight

       tactical flashlight

      Credit: Lifewire


      Without the need for a separate flashlight, a tactical flashlight allows the user to point the weapon while also lighting the path to the target. Your tactical flashlight should ideally be small, sturdy, have a high output, and be able to run for extended periods of time. If it isn't any of those things, it's just a regular household flashlight.


      9) Rangefinder

       rangefinder for shooting

      Credit: Nikon


      A rangefinder is frequently used for long-distance or competitive shooting. It will tell you the distance to your target as well as the true ballistic range by accounting for any elevation changes between your target and your gun. 

      The best rangefinder for shooting is determined by the shooter and the distance to the target. Shooting with a rangefinder will improve your long-range accuracy once you know how to use it.


      10) Long-Sleeved Shirts and Pants

       woman at shooting range with long sleeve shirt

      Credit: Pexels


      At the gun range, covering your arms and legs is especially important. When your legs and arms are exposed, if you are struck by brass, your skin can be severely burned. 

      In addition, you are exposed to lead at a shooting range. This means that if you have more skin exposed, you're more likely to get lead poisoning, which can cause a variety of unpleasant, sometimes fatal symptoms that you'll want to avoid! 

      Not all materials are created equal, and if you're going to be out in the hot sun, you'll want to wear range clothing that keeps you cool. Cotton is the best material to choose for a long sleeve shirt. Cotton is excellent at absorbing sweat and allowing heat to escape your body, allowing you to stay cool.


      The Golden Rules of Range Safety

       indoor shooting range with guns on table safety

      Credit: The Range 702


      Keep these golden rules in mind during your range time.

      • Know and follow all of the Shooting Range's rules.
      • Pay attention and follow the instructions of the Range Safety Officer.
      • Never uncase or case your gun behind the safety line, but always at the shooting bench.
      • Always keep the gun in your safe until you're ready to shoot.
      • When shooting, always wear eye and ear protection.
      • Shooting at water or hard surfaces is never a good idea.



        Cleaning equipment, unloading stations, shooting sticks, magazines, weapon stocks, scopes and optics, rifle slings, and other weapon accessories are all additional gear that you can bring to the range. What other items you bring to the range bag will be determined by personal preference and range rules. 

        With EasyShot's shooting targets, you can improve your aim and turn yourself into a shooting pro. Add it to your shopping cart right now!


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