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The Best Shooting Targets of 2022


Whether you're a serious hunter, an amateur, or a competitive shooter, the targets you select can have a significant impact on your shooting skills. In this blog, we will discuss the best shooting targets that you can buy to improve your aim so that you can become a better shooter. Let's get into it.


What Is a Shooting Target?


A red, white and blue bulls eye target pegged onto a line

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A shooting target is a piece of equipment that you use to practice your shooting skills in order to observe your shot and thus improve your accuracy.


Why Do You You Need Shooting Targets?


A person at the target range practicing on a silhouette target

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Shooting targets are excellent for practice since they allow you to see the bullet holes left by your gun after a shot. It will enable you to identify the types of errors you're making during practice and correct them as soon as you can thereby saving ammo.


Do You Need to Buy a Target Stand?


A target stand made of wood and placed on steel feet

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A target stand keeps the shooting targets securely in place during practice so they won't move or topple over. Get one of these if you don't want to hold your target during practice. Shooting stands are typically sold at gun shops, online retailers, and sporting goods stores. Look for something with sturdy legs that can be adjusted so you can get the ideal height regardless of the surface you're practicing on.


The Best Shooting Targets


Below is our list of the top shooting targets for 2022:


1)  EasyShot Silhouette Paper Targets


A pack of multicolored silhouette EasyShot targets

Credit: EasyShot Targets


EasyShot Targets is regarded as a pioneer in the shooting target industry. They offer high-visibility targets of excellent quality that are made in America.

These 18" by 12" high visibility silhouette paper shooting targets feature neon colors that let you clearly see where your shots land even in dim light. They serve as the ultimate target for self-defense training. They are available in packs of 25 for basic training and packs of 150 for a full day at the range. These shooting targets are made of heavy-duty, premium quality paper and premium professional ink for a long-lasting shooting experience.


2)  EasyShot Bullseye Targets


EasyShot Orange Bullseye targets

Credit: EasyShot Targets


This is yet another one from EasyShot. Shooting paper targets is a great way to improve your aim. This sight in target features a 1 x 1-inch grid that is highly visible from a distance thanks to its brilliant red color and distinct border lines. With each target zone and mark clearly defined, it is possible to spot bullet holes and target zones quickly, improving accuracy and increasing target scores. With these targets, target shooting will quickly become your favorite activity.


3)  Handgun Resetting Metal Targets by Caldwell


Orange steel circle targets on a steel frame

Credit: Caldwell


Paper targets are fantastic for fine-tuning your firearms, but they aren't quite as entertaining as shooting steel targets. With a steel target, you can tell when a bullet strikes the target thanks to the immediate reaction to the sound.

This metal handgun target from Caldwell resets itself after you shoot. This target is excellent because it features three shots, two of which are at eye level. After the headshot, it resets so you can go through your magazine in 3-shot intervals.


4)  Champion DuraSeal Bowling Pin Wobble Target


A white and red bowling pin wobbling shooting target

Credit: Champion


At Champion, targets and shooting accessories are reasonably priced. Thanks to their wide assortment, they are likely to have everything you require for a day at the range.

The bowling pin wobbling design of these Champion targets not only enables you to shoot at it from any direction but also eliminates the need to move downrange to reset or bring it back closer, as you would with rolling targets. The material can "self-heal" thanks to DuraSeal technology, allowing you to fire hundreds of rounds at it without much of a shape change.


5)  Birchwood Casey Battleship Game Accuracy Targets


A battleships image as shooting targets

Credit: Birchwood


This product by Birchwood Casey offers a distinctive twist on conventional paper targets for shooting. Try to sink the whole fleet of the other player(s) or team by teaming up or going head-to-head in a shooting contest. The white splatter effect will help you locate the shots.

Unfortunately, every target has the same design printed on it, so you'll need to think of unique ways to mix things up. For variety, you can flip the paper target over or even invert it.


6)  Sonic Boom Reactive Targets


Sonic Boom reactive exploding targets

Credit: Sonic


Sonic Boom offers exploding targets in jars that weigh 1/2 lb, 1 lb, and 2 lb. If you like the sound of your guns, reactive targets are ideal for you. Along with the initial boom of the gun firing, you also hear the secondary boom of the target explode.

Sonic Boom generates chemicals that are stable even after being mixed in a visibly noticeable neon orange jar. To use these targets, you need to be further than 50 yards away and fire a minimum 40-grain, higher-velocity rifle round. Make sure to check your local and state laws before buying these targets.


7)  Splatterburst Targets Reactive Shooting Targets


A yellow splatterburst reactive shooting target

Credit: Splatterburst


The Splatterburst reactive targets allow you to spend more time shooting and less time concentrating on your target. Your shots instantly burst into a vivid neon yellow upon impact. People with impaired vision can easily see the bright yellow bullet holes in any lighting. The robust non-adhesive tagboard can resist numerous shots. They are ideal for shooting at close or far distances, indoors or out.


8)  Birchwood Casey World Of Targets Popper


A yellow popper with an orange target

Credit: Birchwood


Poppers are a must-have for serious shooters as a quick, pleasant, and useful way to hone your handgun skills. Birchwood Casey's is one of the more reasonably priced choices.

The American-made, 22-inch-tall AR500 steel handgun target is made of sturdy steel and is portable. The paddle is big but challenging at 8 inches wide, and the target is easy to set up.


3 Ways To Improve Your Aim at the Shooting Range


Follow these 3 guidelines to improve your aim the next time you're at the range:


1)  Focus on Accuracy


A lady taking aim to shoot at targets

Credit: Envato Elements/ vlad_star


Simple shooting at multiple targets will not improve your aim. You should step up your game in order to develop your abilities, focusing on hitting the target consistently and within particular accuracy margins.

Before sending the target further down the range, think about keeping it close and attempting to keep your rounds within a few inches of one another. It's more difficult than it sounds, but once you figure it out, you can try moving your targets farther and farther out to see if you can pull off the feat again. Over time, you'll notice an improvement in your overall accuracy.


2)  Slow Down


A man looking at black and grey silhouette shooting target

Credit: Envato Elements/ LightFieldStudios


Rushing through your shooting drills will leave you with restricted knowledge of what you should do. Take your time and focus on the small things like your stance, trigger pull, and margins of accuracy. By doing things this way, you will be able to correct your mistakes and improve your shot.


3)  Keep Practicing


A person in an outdoor shooting range, shooting at a green and white silhouette target

Credit: Envato Elements/ StudioPeace


Practice makes perfect, as they say. If you want to get better at shooting, you must keep practicing  Even while you keep shooting, you might not see any changes right away but over time, the small things will add up and your skills will improve.




Targets are an essential part of shooting and allow gun owners to practice and have a little fun on the range. There is a target made for all shooting target styles, from paper to steel and even reactionary. This article will help you in your search for the best shooting targets for your needs.

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