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14 Fun Homemade Shooting Targets

Shooting practice is not just about improving accuracy and precision; it’s also about having fun and enhancing creativity. Why settle for standard, bland targets when you can create exciting and unique ones at home? Homemade targets can be customized, inexpensive, and a great way to add variety to your shooting practice. Here’s a guide on how to create fun homemade shooting targets to make your practice sessions more engaging.

Innovative DIY Targets for Shooting

Looking for ideas to make your own targets at home? Below we will explore simple yet effective shooting targets that will challenge and entertain you:

1) Colorful Paper Targets


man pointing at hole on green paper target
Credit: Envato Elements/ Vailery

Let’s start simple. Get some cardboard or thick paper sheets. Use markers or paints to draw different shapes like circles, stars, or even animal silhouettes on them. You can also print images or designs from the internet if drawing isn’t your strength. Make sure the colors are vibrant to make the targets easily visible.

2) Balloon Targets


man pointing at red balloon with gun
Credit: Envato Elements/ rawf8

Balloons are cheap, colorful, and make a satisfying pop when hit. Inflate balloons with a portable air pump, tie them off, and attach them to a safe backing, like a plywood board. Make sure the board is secured and won’t fall over when hit. Vary the balloon sizes and colors for a more challenging and visually appealing shooting practice.

3) Recycled Bottle Targets


Aerial view of cans stacked next to each other
Credit: Envato Elements/ Chalabala

Don’t throw away your empty plastic bottles and cans; they can be turned into precision shooting targets. You can fill them with water or sand to give them weight, preventing them from toppling over easily. Arrange them at different distances to vary the level of difficulty.

4) Spinning CD Targets


cds of different colors
Credit: Envato Elements/ photobalance

Old CDs or DVDs can be transformed into spinning targets. Hang them from a branch or a bar using a string. When hit, they will spin, providing a dynamic and exciting visual effect. You can also spray paint or tape a design on the CDs to customize them further.

5) Interactive Targets


powdered colored smoke
Credit: Envato Elements/ AveCalvar

Make your practice interactive by creating targets that react when hit. For example, you can set up a small bell that rings when struck or use small containers filled with colored powder for a burst of color upon impact. Be as imaginative as you like!

6) Chalk Targets


chalks of different colors on black surface
Credit: Envato Elements/ kenishirotie

Using sidewalk chalk, you can easily create colorful, reactive targets. Simply draw or paint the targets directly onto a safe shooting surface like a wooden board. When hit, the chalk will produce a satisfying puff of color, making it clear where your shots are landing.

7) Tic-Tac-Toe Board Targets


tic tac toe board on blue surface
Credit: Envato Elements/ puhimec

Create an interactive game by drawing a tic-tac-toe grid on a cardboard or paper. Use different objects like cans or bottles as markers. You and a friend can take turns shooting, and the first one to get three in a row wins. It’s a fun way to compete while practicing.

8) Hanging Fruit and Vegetable Targets


dried orange slices hanging on clothing line
Credit: Envato Elements/ foodphotoalex

For an organic touch, use fruits and vegetables as your targets. Hang items like apples, oranges, or potatoes from a tree branch or a frame. The natural targets provide a visual burst when hit and are biodegradable, making them environment-friendly.

9) Ping Pong Ball Targets


multiple ping pong balls arranged next to each other
Credit: Envato Elements/ iheartcreative

Suspend ping pong balls from a frame or string at various heights and distances. Their lightweight nature will allow them to move slightly with the wind, creating a more challenging target. It’s also satisfying to see them fly away when hit.

10) Water-Filled Bag Targets


bag of water hanging on silver pole
Credit: jennysgatherings

Fill ziplock bags with colored water and hang or place them on a backdrop. When you hit them, they’ll explode with a splash of color. This not only looks cool but also helps in clearly identifying where your shots are hitting.

11) Clay Pigeon Holders


orange clay discs stacked one on top of the other
Credit: Envato Elements/ arina-habich

If you have access to clay pigeons, create homemade holders for them using materials like wood or metal. You can design the holders to be standalone or to hang. This allows you to shoot clay pigeons without having to throw them in the air.

12) Themed Targets


pumpkins with fruits
Credit: Envato Elements/ begemot-dn

Embrace holidays and special occasions by creating themed targets. Think about Halloween pumpkins, Christmas ornaments, or Easter eggs. Customize your targets to fit the theme and make your shooting practice festive.

13) Golf Ball Targets


zoom in of golf balls
Credit: Envato Elements/ SmitriSteshenko

Golf balls present a challenging and exciting target due to their small size and round shape. You can hang them on a straight line on a string, place them on a PVC stand, or even float them in water to add different levels of difficulty.

14) DIY Steel Targets


steel targets on wooden board
Credit: Shoot Steel

Creating steel targets at home can be a fun challenge if you're looking for durability and instant auditory feedback during your shooting practice. First, obtain a suitable steel plate, preferably AR500 or AR550, to ensure it withstands bullet impacts effectively. You can cut the steel into various shapes such as circles, squares, or silhouettes to add variety to your practice.


Homemade shooting targets are a cost-effective, fun, and inventive way to practice shooting. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, these DIY targets can add an extra layer of excitement to your training sessions. So, gather your materials and start creating!

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