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10 Creative Gifts For Gun Lovers


Looking to buy a gun-related gift for yourself or for someone you know?

Not sure what gift to buy? You have come to the right place.

After years of serving in the military, and spending an enormous amount of time at shooting ranges, I could easily say that guns are a lot more than just a passion for me - they are a way of life.

Guns are not just a dangerous toy for me to play around with so I can feel powerful.

No, I believe that guns are the one and only thing insuring our freedom as individuals, because if history teaches us one thing its that if you give people too much power over you, it is not a question of if, only a question of when they will abuse this power and use it against you.

As Thomas Jefferson wrote in his famous letter to James Madison, “I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery."

Good Intentions Just Don’t Cut It

So yeah, clearly I’m a total gun guy! and as someone who loves his guns, obviously, there is nothing I love more than receiving gun-related gifts.

Unfortunately over the years, I have received my fair share of terrible gifts from people who tried to please my gun-loving self. 

Turns out good intentions do not necessarily equal good gifts, and like myself, there are millions of Americans have fallen victim to the scourge of bad gifts.

With this article, I aim to put an end to this travesty.

I have taken the liberty of putting together a list of the top 10 gun-related gifts on the market today, gifts that are absolutely guaranteed to put a huge smile on the face of every gun-loving man or woman in the country.

Needless to say, these are the gifts I wish people would have given me.



1. 25 pk of Silhouette Targets - $17.99

Green silhouette target


In the same way, you need air to breathe and water to drink, shooting targets are the most essential item every gun enthusiast must have at all times.

Always remember there is no such thing as having too many shooting targets.


  • 2. Bullet Shot Glass - $14.99

  • Bullet shot glass

    In my experience, It is usually safe to assume that anybody who loves shooting guns - loves to drink!

    The bullet shot glass is the ultimate fusion of the two. It is also a beautiful demonstration of how bulletproof glass can protect the things that matter to us the most in life (:


  • 3. 12 Gauge Coaster - $24.99


  • Gauge Coasters


    After a long day at the range, there is nothing better than a cold beer and some TV am I right?

    But loving thy beer is no reason to ruin our furniture, is it?

    That’s why I recommend buying these super cool 12 gauge coasters that are sure to look good on your table even if you wind up never using them.


  • 4. Gun Cleaning Kit $38.99

  • Gun cleaning kit

    The number one responsibility of any gun owner is -  keep your gun clean.

    The last thing you want is your gun jamming when you need it the most.

    This FIREGEAR gun-cleaning kit is good for cleaning rifles as well as handguns, and at an affordable price, it is a fantastic buy for any gun lover out there.


  • 5. Exotic Meats Crate - $109.99

  • Meat Crate


    Although this gift has nothing to do with guns per say, I feel quite confidant that most gun-lovers will truly appreciate this gift. 

    There are three tenets that all gun-abiding people live by(or should live by)  - shooting, drinking, and eating good meat.

    Buying a gun enthusiast a crate full of exotic meats is one of the kindest most generous things a person can ever do in their miserably short life.


  • 6. Bluetooth Hearing Protection Muffs - $80.99

  • Headphones for shooting

    These PROHEAR earmuffs will give your ears maximum protection from any flying bullet casings as well as making sure your hearing is unharmed.

    With these earmuffs, you can listen to your music and hear your phone ringing while blasting off in the range.


  • 7. Firearms An Illustrated History - $27.78

  • Firearms book

    This is a book that many of my friends consider the “bible” for firearms.

    The book details the history of guns, using beautiful pictures and illustrations to do so.

    Starting with the discovery of gun powder by the Chinese and and ending with the finest most impressive firearms on the market today.


    7. Army Brotherhood T-shirt - $19.99




    A kick-ass t-shirt for the patriotic American who loves his guns. Cause lets face it without guns and the people behind them there would be no America. 

    This stunning t-shirt pays tribute to our brothers in arms keeping us safe day in and day out.


  • 8. Shooting Glasses - $11.99

  • shooting glasses

    As much as your ears need protection your eyes need them too.

    These anti-scratch, anti-fog, UV protected shooting glasses, will keep your eyes safe and sound while you get your shooting on.


  • 10. 100 Bullseye Targets - $35.95

  • bullseye target

    Like I said before, you can never have enough shooting targets!

    Make sure your favorite gun-loving friend, family member, or spouse is fully stocked up with the best shooting targets out there. Accuracy could be the difference between life and death so stock up today.

    In Conclusion

    Choosing the perfect gift is all about understanding the heart and soul of the person your buying for. To love is to make the effort to understand.

    If you’ve read this far you clearly care a lot, and more important than the present itself is showing the person you love how much you truly care about them.

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