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6 Reasons Why You Need a Suppressor


The gun silencer or suppressor is perhaps the most reviled item in popular culture. These sound suppressing gadgets have been portrayed as evil in a civilized society, having been used by killers and corrupt government agents.

That begs the question: why own a silencer in the first place?

What possible need would the common shooter have for such an awful instrument if only hitmen need to silence their shooting?


What Is a Firearm Silencer?


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Sound suppressors, sometimes known as "silencers," are devices that, when connected to the end of a firearm's barrel, help lower the noise of discharge to hearing-safe levels. Suppressors are essentially containment devices with a series of baffles that help control and re-direct the expanding gases that exit the firearm's barrel when it is discharged.


How Effective Are Firearm Suppressors?


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Modern silencers can normally lower noise by 14.3-43 dB, depending on a variety of parameters like whether or not the bullet is subsonic, the length of the barrel/silencer, and so on. The average suppression level is roughly 30 dB, which is similar to the reduction level of normal ear protection gear used when firing weapons.


How Do They Work?


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A sound suppressor primarily works by slowing the release of propellant gases produced by firing a bullet and converting some of the noise energy into heat. The latter method involves attempting to trap or guide noise via specially engineered baffles or chambers, similar to a vehicle muffler, where the sound is eventually converted to heat. The former method involves expanding the cavity through which the air is rushed, which is commonly accomplished by simply making the chamber larger than the barrel's diameter and creating turbulence as the air rushes through the suppressor.

Some of the most advanced suppressors will also try to eliminate some of the sonic cracks by relocating the sound's stage out of human range or reflecting it back onto itself in an attempt to cancel it out.


Reasons Why You Need a Suppressor


Here are some compelling reasons to use a suppressed firearm today:


1) Fewer Noise Complaints


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Noise complaints resulting from typical activity at suburban gun clubs are one of the most significant difficulties facing gun owners today. Many times, potential homeowners are informed about the range or hunting ground a few streets away. And usually, when they move in, they complain about the noise and file a petition to have the range shut down. They do win on occasion.

The majority of these people aren't anti-gun; they simply don't enjoy the noise. However, if hunting rifles were quieter, this would not be necessary. Quiet Guns result in happier neighbors.


2) Suppressors Make All-Day Hunting Easy


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Silencers are highly popular among hunters. It might be exhausting to shoot all day, and the sound of bullets can be deafening. A suppressed rifle, on the other hand, makes for a more peaceful day and simpler shooting session. The same is true for any other type of hunting or shooting sport in which you may be shooting for several hours at a time.


3) Hearing Protection


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Because suppressors mute a firearm's noise by 14-45 decibels, they can prevent lasting hearing damage. High-frequency hearing loss and accompanying problems, such as tinnitus, are prevented by this noise reduction.

This is especially true in home defense situations when discharging a rifle inside your house to defend yourself can cause substantial hearing loss due to the sound waves bouncing back to your ears due to the close proximity. If you need to discharge your gun indoors to defend yourself, shooting suppressed can lessen this risk and protect your ears.


4) Improves Aim and Reduces Flinching


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There are two factors that cause shooters to flinch. The force of the gun's recoil and the shock of the muzzle flash or muzzle blast.

Suppressed rifles with less kick and a softer muzzle are highly shooter-friendly, making them excellent for rookie shooters and people who are prone to flinching, thereby improving accuracy and aim. When utilizing suppressors, even experienced shooters will notice an improvement in their shooting.


5) Shooting at Night


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A suppressor is an excellent addition to any firearm, whether you're shooting at night or with night vision. During night shooting, a suppressor will almost eliminate recoil from your rifle, ensuring that you do not blind yourself with each pull of the trigger.


6) Increased Safety


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A gun that is easier to control is more enjoyable and safe to use. We've all seen those people who went viral after attempting to discharge a firearm with a caliber that was too powerful for them, resulting in them letting go of the weapon or, worse, getting hurt by it.

Using a silencer is a safe way to introduce family, friends, or even children to the world of weapons. This can build a more positive relationship with firearms. Instead of using their senses to help mitigate negative reactions to a cartridge being fired, they can concentrate on safety practices without being distracted.

 Infographic on the reasons why you need a supressor




Suppressors are widely supported by the guns industry and the National Firearms Act, and they are lawful in the overwhelming majority of the United States. There are many more reasons to buy a suppressor. 

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